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Our Services

With representation in most major cities across the globe, Universal Forwarding present a comprehensive range of services which includes the following categories. Click on a category below for more information:

Speed - Cost

Aircraft Charter

We can hire an aircraft from any point of origin, have it standing by waiting to receive freight, then have it fly to any airport to deliver your freight to its destination.

On-Board Courier

Collect freight from its point of origin and have a staff member fly on board an aircraft accompanying the goods (usually scheduled flights) and deliver them to your customer as quickly as possible.

IATA Airfreight

Freight booked direct with the airline and moved as an individual consignment, departing usually within 24 hours and always using the least transhipment points.

Speed Consolidation

Consignments shipped to destination using premium airlines departing within 24/48 hours, but generally grouped together with other consignments for preferential rates.

Deferred Consolidation

For cost sensitive or less urgent airfreight consignments, usually involving a transhipment to ensure most competitive rates.